Here's How it Works

With a Peoples Cash Solutions Second Chance Checking Account you can easily add money to your checking account, pay your bills on line, access ATM’s worldwide, or simply shop and pay with your debit Mastercard that’s protected with Mastercard’s Zero Liability* Coverage.

Add Money

Want to save up to several hundred dollars a year? Utilize direct deposit and have your employer electronically deposit your paycheck each pay period into your Second Chance Checking Account. You save time by not traveling to and from the bank, but also several hundred dollars per year in typical check cashing fees.

Prefer other means of depositing into your Second Chance Checking Account? You can also add money to your account via ACH, Western Union, PayPal, direct deposit, government deposits, money wires from any bank who provides the service, money transfers from other checking or savings accounts, or by mailing in money orders or your income check.

Pay Bills Online

Tired of the hassle of writing checks and mailing them to pay your bills? With Peoples Cash Solutions Second Chance Checking you can utilize Peoples Bank's online bill pay system and say goodbye to costly money order and check cashing fees.

You can manually pay your bills through our system or have a recurring bill setup that will automatically and electronically pay your bill each month. You save time by not running to and from bill pay locations and post offices. The best part-it’s free and secure!

To qualify, you must actively maintain and manage your Second Chance Checking Account for 30 consecutive days. Once you have done so, your checking account will be reviewed and Peoples Bank will let you know when you have been approved.

ATM's Worldwide

Want quick access to your money? It’s your money, shouldn’t you be able to access it quickly and conveniently? Visit one of more than a million ATM’s worldwide for instantaneous withdrawal or checking account inquiries.

Traveling and not sure where an ATM location is? Click here to find ATM locations and possible deposit locations near you whether you’re on the go or near your home.

Shop and Pay

Do you often find yourself without cash on hand? It’s no problem when you have a debit Mastercard from Peoples Bank. Use your debit card to shop at your favorite stores, fill up with gas, or even shop online. It’s safer than carrying cash and automatically pulls from your Second Chance Checking Account so you won’t pay interest fees associated with a credit card.

With Mastercard’s Zero Liability* coverage, you are protected from fraudulent use, so you can feel secure knowing your funds are protected even if your card is stolen or lost.

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