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I have read and accepted the Disclosure, E-Sign Agreement, and Privacy Policy and agree to receive them electronically. 1. I can access and read this Electronic CONSENT TO CONDUCT TRANSACTIONS ELECTRONICALLY AND TO RECEIVE ELECTRONIC DISCLOSURES AND NOTICES document; and 2. I can print on paper the disclosure and signature card or save or send the disclosure and signature card to a place where I can print it, for future reference and access; and 3. Until or unless I notify Peoples Bank as described above, I consent to receive, through electronic means, all notices, disclosures, authorizations, acknowledgements, and other documents that are required to be provided or made available to me by Peoples Bank during the course of my relationship with you. If you would like to obtain a hard copy of the disclosure, please call Peoples Bank at 1-903-783-3800 or write to Peoples Bank, 2805 Lamar Avenue, Paris, Texas 75460.

Open and Print Application


  • A completed signed application.
  • A minimum of at least $30.00 for an account activation deposit. Your account activation deposit can be received via ACH deposit(ex:PayPal), Wire(ex:Western Union), check or money order by mail. (All money orders MUST be made payable to you.)
  • A legible copy of an unexpired government-issued ID with your current address.
  • If your address does not match the one listed on your ID, please send in a copy of a recent utility bill or a paystub. We will need to see both your name and current address on the same document to verify your address. If we are unable to verify your current address you will not be approved.
  • All deposits are subject to our funds availability schedule (see “Your Ability To Withdraw Funds” in the account disclosure).
  • Please be sure to sign and date the application and include a legible copy of your photo ID.
  • Your account will not be activated until Peoples Bank receives the initial activation deposit of at least $30.00. The approval process is subject to the US Patriot Act.
*What to do once you receive the encrypted approval email - "Peoples Bank on behalf of" sent through Proofpoint Inc.:

If you are approved, Peoples Bank will email your account information securely encrypted through Proofpoint Inc. ( To view your new checking account information you will be required to create an account with Proofpoint Inc. The "Peoples Bank on behalf of" email will contain instructions on how to open your Proofpoint Inc. secure account and satisfy the final document requirements, so that your new checking account will remain open.